A Problem With NAV

Hello IFC,

I have recently been realizing a problem with Navigation Mode, and I am sure others have as well. If there are waypoints close enough to each other on the map that are in your FPL, and one of the turns is sharp, the aircraft will do multiple circles to properly pass the waypoint. In my flight that I did earlier, I attempted to fly EDDF-KSEA. However, because of the problem above, my aircraft was circling for about an hour and a half before finally passing that waypoint.

My Thoughts

Honestly, I am disappointed by these circumstances that could happen. Does anyone know of a good way to resolve this, or can it not be fixed? Thank you.

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Perfect solution… Don’t have sharp turns (waypoints) close together 🤷

At the end of the day, if your FPL is too tight for the aircraft to complete successfully, then there is something wrong with your FPL. And it’s also highly dependent on the speed 😁


I just get it from fpltoif.com so i cant change it lol

Then have a quick look at your FPL, make sure it’s okay, and if it isn’t delete the problematic waypoints. You wouldn’t pull a sharp turn IRL.🤷

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Way points that are far enough apart not to cause problems and if the way points are close together then lower your speed to enable your aircraft to turn in time

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Well if i wanna delete the waypoint that is probably deep in my fpl then i have to dig for it in the search bar and i cant get to the waypoint cause then i have to delete all the ones in front of it. :(

You dont have to delete the ones in front of it, just scroll down, press one it, then press the minus button. Additionally, you can repaste your flightplan and just delete the text of the one waypoint/VOR.

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You can use the arrow up arrow down bar to select the way points you want to delete

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Ok i understand now, thanks everyone for your help.


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