A problem with Live subscription prices

I just find an interesting thing about live:
I have an S5 (samsung) and live cost 54,69 €

A friend of mine have an IOS Phone and live cost 49,99€
I thought that price was in dollars; but no… both are euros.
Can someone explain me that?
Sorry for my bad english


That apple get a better deal with the FDS

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Do you know why? That’s Strange for my point of view

Put this topic in support please

The App store and Google Play have different Royalty fees. To make the final sum that comes through to the developers more or less equal, the consumer price needs to be slightly different.


I didn’t know that…But it sounds Strange to me that apple’s price is Less than google play 's one

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Then are you allowed to pay live on Apple and use it on Android? 😂

You aren’t.

I don’t have live

what do you mean… I don’t understand

A live subscription links to a Facebook or Google account and can be used on either platform Apple or Android regardless of which one it was originally purchased on. That does not hold true for the app itself but Live does go between both.

You actually are, so long as you use the same account to log in on Android. You can’t use it as the same time.

##Public service announcement:

Renewing your live through www.infinite-flight.com (press login) gives you the same $49.99 price, no matter what platform, and much more goes to the developers. It’s a win-win for everyone :)

Info @Mats_Edvin_Aaro


What country’s store you purchasing it from?

From italy

Should probably be because of taxes in Italy etc.

Is your friend also from Italy?

Yes he is 🤔

Guess there are taxes on android in Italy

Bha I don’t know…
On other games the price is the same between IOS and android

try renewing using the website as Iceblue mentioned then (to save money)

Mmm… yes I’ll use the site.
Thank you everyone for advices.🤗👌

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