A problem that everybody should know

Today,I go to KLAX and served for more then one hours,and suddenly,this aircraft keep sending the message and drive on the runway,I’m actually a little angry about this,everyone saw he was keep entering the runway,can anybody punishment him? As you can see in the photo,he send morn the 120 message in 5mins,can anybody solve this? Thanks for answer…


Unfortunately, it’s the Training Server and you can’t do much as there tend to be some inexperienced people or trollers there.

You may contact @moderators to let them know of what happened and they will take the necessary action, since that user was obviously trolling.


Note that issues here are typically overlooked, since most the of the pilots are trying their best to learn everything. There is a few that will purposefully troll with no consequence.

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This is untrue, if it’s bad enough the user may face repercussions, but this is not the correct way to bring attention to it. I’d suggest PMing the moderation team.



That’s too bad(。ì _ í。)

Yeah, unfortunately, on Training server, nothing can be enforced. If you want a more realistic and professional experience controlling, I suggest going IFATC to start controlling on the expert server.

Actually,I’m testing the IFATC right now~~

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holy cow, 120 messages in 5 minutes?

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You can see that crazy message in photo NO.3/4

Yeah, that works too since he was obviously trolling.

Standard training server troll, there’s not much you can do about it unfortunately. If you want you could get into IFATC to avoid the trolls in the future.

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Trolling once or twice is considered ok however if he ruins the experience for many mods then can get involved. I’m sure some of you have heard of Aegean 100 who is apparently being dealt with.

Cign :)

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all i can say is that this is some serious dedication to trolling.

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