A problem that continues

a while ago i made a thread about my landings not being counted correctly, i was told that only 90 days later would be counted, and here i am over 120 days later and my landings They remain uncounted, even though I have landed more than once a day every day, and that bothers me.

basically I do several landings and the landing count doesn’t change anything


I think Adam summarized it quite good here in your last topic:

And looking at your account, all the flights you’ve made so far in 2023 have contained a landing being counted.

You’ve made 12 landings so far this year, and today it’s January 11th. That’s an average of 1.09 landings per day. Given that your current 90 days landing says that you’ve made 141 landings in the past 90 days, it’s only logical that it will continue to decrease unless you increase the number of landings.

December is the same. 31 days for that month and you made 29 landings. 0.93 landings per day.


man, thank you, honestly that calms me down a bit, I’m going to try to monitor my frequency, I really appreciate the support and I apologize for any misunderstandings, you guys are amazing!


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