A potential solution to lack of ATC diversity

Hey guys. I’ve recently been seeing quite a few people on this forum mention that the new ATC regions system is too boring. That only KFJK and EGLL and other major airports are being controlled reliably.

Unlike the previous ATC system, where there was a set region/airport for every day of the week, this new system is not something I can rely on, where I can take off from one airport for an overnight or long haul flight and be guaranteed ATC at my arrival destination. Quite frankly, this has led to many VAs and flying group discords dying down, and the amount of time spent on Infinite Flight decrease drastically.

As a result, I came up with a potential solution to this issue; a sort of compromise where we have a hybrid of the old and new systems.

With this hybrid system, the groups of people controlling the different sections/regions of the world in Infinite flight would independently come up with their own ATC Schedule (maybe after discussing in a discord server); where they decide what part of their section/region there should be focus on, and then choose certain airports to control on certain days.

Once the decision is made, the representative from each control region would submit their airports (to control) for the week, and one of the staff members can pin it on the IFC.

This new solution would allow us to know for sure, which airports will be open, but it would also keep to the new Regional-ATC system.

Do you guys agree or disagree with this solution?

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Thanks for your feedback and idea. A solution is already in the works and will be announced soon! Be on the lookout next week. 🙂