A Post-Christmas Flight @ PANC - 281800ZDEC17

That was fast. Thank you.

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NOTAM: One hour until the event. We still have one gate remaining, if anyone wants to join.

30 minutes until the event. There is still one gate if anyone would like it.

I’ll take the last gate if its still available!

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Alright. I have you for gate C07. See you in 5 minutes!

In case you wanted to see where we are, here are our LiveFlight Links:

Cbro4: https://liveflightapp.com/?f=b61c369b-f0e2-446b-8481-e62f6d1de3cb&s=7e5dcd44-1fb5-49cc-bc2c-a9aab1f6a856

Trio: https://liveflightapp.com/?f=98e33305-4f59-4dd8-a15c-50b911b63cfc&s=7e5dcd44-1fb5-49cc-bc2c-a9aab1f6a856

KevinPatrickCrone: https://liveflightapp.com/?f=10a04f7f-f05e-4247-b04b-13d85a94a079&s=7e5dcd44-1fb5-49cc-bc2c-a9aab1f6a856

That was fun. Here is my pictures, the good ones: