A Post-Christmas Flight @ PANC - 281800ZDEC17

Our event is in 3 days, with only two gates remaining!

Hi. What time will it start uk time? Also please can I have a gate. Thanks

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Event is 1800Z/UK time. Your gate is C07 at PANC. Copy the FPL from me or the thread when we spawn on on Thursday. Glad to have you aboard.

Cheers mate. Looking forward to it. I am grade 2 and this will be my first proper event. So when I spawn, do I copy someone else’s flight plan. Not too sure how it works

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You’ll tap on my plane, callsign Cbro4, and then copy FPL. That way your plane can show you were to go while you’re on autopilot.

I’ll like a gate please

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Ok cool. So will you be leading it so I know where you are?

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Approximately how long is the flight?

Yes. I am leading and in charge of the event.

To be honest, I am not sure. I was going to fly it tonight to get a feel for it, since I’ve been busy with the holidays. Sorry I was unable to answer your question.

Ok. I have you down for gate C08. Hope to see you Thursday.

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What aircraft?

Up to the person. I will be flying a 777.

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@Ark_of_Ahmed.IF and @Krunchy_Toast

Wanted to mention, since there were some questions about it earlier, the flight time. The first leg PANC to PAFA for touch and goes is about 30 mins. The rest of the flight is 5 1/5 to 6 hours. I was flying a 777 and just looked at the ETE, so pack an hour or two hours of extra fuel in case. Hope to see everyone Thursday.

Hope this helps.

Hey. How do you pack more fuel. I’m probs gonna sound stupid but just really curious. Thanks

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You can control fuel, passengers, and cargo in the flight menu. You might want to look at this before the event.

Cheers. I’m ready for tomorrow’s event. See you out there

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The event is Thursday.

Meant the day after tomorrow. Apologies

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Me me I want to join the event