A Post-Christmas Flight @ PANC - 281800ZDEC17

Hi everyone! I will be leading a holiday flight from Anchorage Int’l Airport/PANC, to Fairbanks Int’l Airport/PAFA for Touch and Goes (near North Pole, AK) and then to Rovaniemi Int’l Airport/EFRO for landing (near Santa Claus Village, Finland).

NOTAM: Please spawn in 10-15 minutes before the event. Feel free to choose you aircraft and livery.

Server: Expert

Region: Alaska, Artic Circle, Northern Europe

Airports: PANC to PAFA to EFRO

Date & Time: December 28, 2017 - 1800Z (Thursday, 13:00 New York; Thursday, 22:00 Dubai; Friday, 5:00 Sydney)


PANC (Take Off, Runway 07R or Runway 33) - RAMMA - PTERS - ELLAM - HARRP - EJUPA - PERZO - WOBEM - RO156 -PAFA (Touch and Go, Runway 01L) - R0541 - FEREK - JAVAH - AYVEY - LOPRA - 6727E - ETSON - PIKUT - EFRO (Land, Runway 21)


Gates at PANC
C01 - @Cbro4
C02 - @Pilot_Josh
C03 - @Trio
C04 - @Mickell_Augustine
C05 - @Christian_Richardson
C07 - @Kevin_Patrick_Crone
C08 - @Javian_J
C09 - @Game_Tech


I may be able to join. Don’t know yet but go ahead and add me!

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Alright. I added you for gate C02 at PANC.

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Anyone else want to join @PocketAviation and I?

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I will be glad to join.

Wait never mind. It is in expert. I am only Grade 2

Ah. Hopefully you can get grade 3 before the event. If no more people show up, I might move it to the training or casual servers. Thanks for your interest in the event.

Regards, Cbro

Can you try at lease to move it in casual. Because I can’t get grade 3 before the event.

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If I don’t have more people show up, then I will try to. I can’t promise anything yet. Happy landings!

Regards, Cbro

Ok thank you for your time.

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No problem. Thank you for your interest.

NOTAM: The event will now be on the Casual server!

Do you want me to put you down, since the event is now on casual server?

Yes please. I would love to.

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Ok. Have you down for gate C03 at PANC.

So far I have @PocketAviation, @WardellStephenCurry, @Mickell_Augustine, @Christian_Richardson, and @Captain_Zen. Anyone else want to join, there are only 3 gates remaining?

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How long will this flight last?

ill take gate C06. 20 charaters

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Ok, I have you down.

To be honest, I am not sure. I was going to fly it this week to get a feel for it, since I’ve been busy with the holidays. Sorry I was unable to answer your question.