A possibility for ATC Centers?

Fairly straight forward:
I would kinda want to see IF add ATC Centers to the game. Although since it would be a new system, maybe only expert server???

For those that don’t know what centers are, it is basically approach and departure but above FL250

(I’m also trying to stir up some ideas for ATC improvements so hopefully this helps)


I wish. People sleeping through flights it’s being away from devices kinda ruins the possibility tho. Maybe they could make a return for special events on the expert server

We used to have center, but then it got removed. I believe the IF developers mentioned there are plans to bring it back in the future. In the mean time, there are feature request for how to make center better when it comes back.

Have a look at this feature request, I can’t see any other way for it to be done. Organization makes everyone’s experience better. :)


I think it’s an quite interesting idea specially for long-haul flight.

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