A plea to those acting as ATC on playground server

I would kindly ask that all who act as ATC on the playground server understand the frequencies and which area they control. For example in the Southern California region KLAX: 120.95 is responsible for South Tower; 133.90 responsible for North Tower. I think it would make for a much better experience for pilots and those of us who are not advanced qualified but still enjoy playing in ATC role.


Ive noticed its a battle. If there are two different controllers, each controller keeps sending warnings to pilots tuned in on the other tower’s freq. It’s kind of annoying.


Multiple frequencies will be history in our next update.


@matt way to go mate. Hope you guys hand pick the atc

@matt very good idea…

@matt Love the idea can’t wait for that

Guys the mods have asked us not to tag the devs unless absolutely necessary.

Seems that this has been fixed only on iOS devices.