A plane with its lights on in the parking gate

Hey guys!

After four hours of delay, I finally arrived at my destination. Just before I got off the plane, I found something interesting.

Is there anyone know why this plane had its taxi light, strobe lights, beacon lights & wing lights on in the parking gate? Is there any work that needs to be done at the gate?


Possible inspection of lights maybe. However, the NAV light should be on so that’s normal.


I think this can sometimes be part of the walk around to make sure all lights are working properly. But I could be wrong…


They have a flashlight for the walk around so I’d doubt he’d turn on all the lights for it. Wing light, maybe but strobe and landing lights I don’t think.

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I think its just checking that lits work properly.

checking the lights to make sure they are on

Looks like the might have the landing lights on. The wing lights could be on for a Walk around.


Oh, I’ve made a mistake! It’s not the Nav light but beacon lights on the top!

Still, I think you are right!


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