A plane that's actually good

Context: ask @callaa.

Important tags: @United403, @I_Ride_Southwest and @A320_Flyerboy19

Server: Poor people’s server
Route: YSSY - N/A
Flight time: Less than 3 minutes


You’ve gonna crazy. Why the Anti-butter machine

Finally someone who’s correct…

Don’t ask callaa…he’s gonna give you false information 😒

Reminds me a lot of Vicarious Voyager. The plebeian’s server :P

See what the flying trash does to people? If you didn’t fly it, maybe you’d actually learn how to fly a plane and you’d call this butter machine what it is: a butter machine.

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Oh, the fight is on


casually searched up what a plebeian is…

come to dc and fight me

I’ve tried flying this thing so many times (AirTran, Blue1, MexicanaClick, QantasLink and Spanair mostly), not once have I managed to make a good landing with it. Gone around with it more than I’ve landed it xD.


All I can say is skill issue.


Sounds like a you problem tbh

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Says the guy who also can’t land it properly.


Poor people’s server is referred to expert server i guess?

I hope you’re joking…

Probably he meant solo lol

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Yh now that you’re saying it🤦🏼‍♂️😅

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At least the livery is good… But I will be glad when the A220s come and replace them later this year. Had lots of memories on the 717s, but they are looking quite tired.

I’m not gonna bother asking. Nice photo though

Get. Out. Of. Here.