A plane on the streets!


I was walking around in the city and then I came across a TWA airplane that was going to the TWA Hotel at JFK. I’m so happy I got to see it. I got to see crew and pilots.
Heres some pictures I toke: image image image image image image image image image
Hope you guys enjoyed your day. I know I did!


Wow, awesome catch, wish I was there to see it!


It’s still there ;)

Which plane was it?

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It’s a L-1649A

Very nice find

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That’s planely good

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Off to JFK this morning. Where is this TWA hotel? Might swing by and have a look.

I have to admit to having a rather massive soft spot for the Connie after having a go at the controls of the Breitling Constellation a few years ago on the display circuit.


The TWA Hotel is Across JetBlue T5i at JFK


Great photos! Please remember the ten photo limit as well! Was this right at Times Square?

Yes it was.

I saw this like two days ago. Was just walking to Bryant park and saw it. Looks sick!

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That’s pretty neat, wish a plane just showed up in Pittsburgh 😂

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I just saw this from Terminal 5 at JFK yesterday. Sure was a sight! 🙂

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