A Plane Guy's Air Traffic Control Thread (Open @ FSIA)

I figured I would start controlling a little more often, so I’m creating a new tracking thread! (because I can’t edit the old one)

As always, feedback is always appreciated.

Controlled Airport - FSIA (Seychelles, Mahe Island)

Services - TWR, GND

METAR 201600Z 13013KT 9999 R13///// SCT022 28/24 Q1009 NOSIG

NOTAMs - All operations will use runway 13. Pattern work is accepted. I will be open for 15-45 minutes, depending on traffic.


Now closed, thank you to everyone who came out.

I saw you had some fun with the crosswinds ;)

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I did :) thank you for nice controlling! Well done!


I’m opening at VNKT now, read the original post for information.

Closed. I was open for 90 minutes and no one came. Wow.

I’m open in Atlanta, check the original post for more info.

Forgot to edit the title, oops…

Now closed, thanks to those who showed up!

I’m open in Seychelles, check the OP for info.

No one came, closed.

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