A place with no runway's favourite day - Mail Day

This past weekend we finally were able deliver mail to the Island of Diomede. Diomede is located 27 miles off from Mainland Alaska, and with in .5 miles of the international date line and about 2 miles from Russia.
The Island is home to 118 people. We deliver mail and passengers to and from the Island! And here is some pictures from Mail day!

Just an example how far Diomede is from Wales.


I see your deliveries everywhere. Is there anywhere specific where you are stationed?

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I’m in ANC! Hopefully going to Nome here in a year or two, all depends on the soon to be mrs if she’ll move up with me lol


Woah, your job seems really fun. Getting to explore the far north, coming close to the intl date line and miles from Russia, flying on sick helicopters to remote places and doing sick stuff…I want that job too

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On a good day you can see Russia seen here!
I have a very cool job and just get lucky to do some cool stuff!


Is Russia that piece of land in the background?

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It is!
It’s Big Diomede

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The smaller island (Little Diomede) is part of Alaska, whilst the background is Russia, but an island of it (Big Diomede) The two of them sit in the Bering Sea.

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Is the helicopter service the only way onto the island?

Depends on how the water freezes in the winter time.
If the sea freezes just right then you can access by plane If not then no helicopter is the only way in and out


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