A piece of Crystal Luxury: San Bernardino to Atlanta in 10 replay screenshots


Welcome aboard this extremely special Boeing 777-29MLR. A full fat, luxurious private charter aircraft. Want to hire this beast? It will set you back a cool USD 38,000 to USD 50,000 an hour. It’s the biggest private charter jet in the world. This bird is called Crystal Skye.


It’s operated by Comlux Aruba NV and owned by Crystal Cruises, who offer travel in the air and on the water as well. It’s pretty special and it took them a year and a half to retrofit it to their standards and what a standard! Full on, 88 lie flat first class beds, a huge dining room and of course sumptuously decorated and kitted out. You can’t book just one seat either - it’s all or nothing. Sounds good doesn’t it?


The airline’s routes are pretty much an open book. Based in Miami, you can charter the plane to any airport that will accommodate it, if you’ve got deep enough pockets. On this trip I did a flight from San Bernardino to Atlanta that P4-XTL recently took.


I’m very intrigued by this particular aircraft and am looking forward to following it about and replicating its tracks on Infinite Flight and following the scenery along the way! Starlux 772 - thank you and good day.


Departure: KSBD (San Bernardino International Airport, San B County, California).
Arrival: KATL (Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia).
Flight time : 3 hours 30 minutes.
Server: Expert.

Notes: As always, no hard editing was done to the photos, just some personal preference slight changes to the light and contrast and working with what is available – nothing fake added or taken away.

Good times


Gear down a bit early?

Awesome photos, always love the editing.


Unless it was specifically for the photo

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Thanks - maybe a bit but I specifically wanted the gear shot with that background. It was worth the extra bit of wear and tear… absolutely @AlaskaAirfireball111

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That’s what I thought, because I don’t think in any of the Screenshot categories topic, have I seen gear down on DOWNWIND

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I can be a renegade every now and again…