A Piece of Aviation Outside a Stadium!

So the other day I went to the battery park which is the area surrounding Truist Park which is where the Atlanta Braves play ( The brave are baseball for all who don’t know). Outside the stadium is a very unique piece of aviation, and that is the tail of a Delta 757. It is the tail of ship 624 which is a Boeing 757-200 which was delivered to Delta in January of 1987 and was retired in July of 2011. So here are the photos I took of it.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and found this interesting. Have a good day!


That’s absolutely stunning! Amazing pictures!

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Thanks! And I took them with an iPhone not a camera!

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This is awesome, never knew it existed either.

On a sadder note, Rest In Peace Suntrust Park, 2017-2020.


Yeah, I wish is was still Suntrust Park too

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I’ve been there. 😁

My Giants lost so bad the Marlins were jealous.

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It’s not Suntrust park anymore?

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Ah the tail of the beautiful 757 😍

And by the way. 4-0 Phillies 😉


Suntrust Park 😡

I’ve seen it in person before too, but I didn’t know it was a 757 tail, cool.

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