A Perfect Shot to Celebrate a moment 🥳 🎉

G’day IFC, Yesterday after uploading a video, a few hours later I had reach a huge milestone and one of my first in ATL. I had reached 500 subs and it’s a huge achievement as it let’s me know that i’m halfway there! I decided to create a shot for it and um ye. Enjoy = )

Airline: The Change over something
Aircraft: Next Gen A330
Location: Home Airport (Check my profile page to see)

The Photos:
Raw Photo


With Text

Be 100% Honest with me. That wing(slats) looks like the texture of a perfect gold crispy Chicken Nugget

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Anyways, that’s it for today and um…



Wow. AmAzInG!!

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Thank You!

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Those are the the most BEAUTIFUL pictures ever!

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Appreciate it!

Nice shots !

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Thank you!