A Peaceful Evening Departure from the Baltic Coast

It's been a while since I've done a flight for Wizz Air Virtual so here's one of the ones I did today!

Since literally no one flies to Eastern Europe I’d like to share my journey and my 7 photos below with the community!

Flight Details

Route: Palanga (EYPA) 🇱🇹 to London Luton (EGGW) 🇬🇧
Flight number: WZZ8101 | Callsign: WUK4KX
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Flight time: 2 hours and 21 minutes
Cruise Alt: 36,000ft
Server: Expert

Departing Palanga at 20:45 local time

Making a sharp turn to the Baltic Sea!

I always fly over this place in real life too whenever I fly between between Ireland and Poland

On final in Luton with only 4km of visibility

After battling 60kt headwinds for most of the flight,
I finally touched down in empty Luton Airport at 21:06 local time

Thanks for watching, feel free to vote in these polls, I’d love to see your opinions!

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Have you flown to Lithuania before in IF?

  • Many times!
  • Not much / at least once
  • Not yet but I will!
  • Never
  • Didn’t even know that place existed!

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These are some very artistic angles that I haven’t seen before. Keep up the great work!

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Coulda used Riga but okay. Palanga is pretty cool too!

@Alec Thanks so much means a lot!
@Tsumia Of course you’re gonna say Riga but I flew there many times already 😂


Good then!
Anything else Baltic is nearly on-par anyway.

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Picture 6 is the best one! Keep up the great work👍🏽

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Thanks so much! 🙌
Will do more definitely!

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