A parallel landing at Heathrow in 10 replay screenshots

After over 17 hours (including a stop) trying the newly amended Garuda Indonesia route from Bali to London, it was quite a treat to end like this at a busy London Heathrow earlier.

We departed the tropical island paradise of Bali, Indonesia bound for Medan, Indonesia for the initial 3 hour flight on this this Boeing 777-300ER where we made a 1 hour stop. Reloading, fuelling up, and preparing for the next leg, the flight plan was put into place and we spooled up those mighty General Electric GE90-115B engines once more ready for another workout for 13 hours on the second leg to London Heathrow. Arrival into a fairly busy Heathrow saw us on final on runway 27L at the same time as a British Airways 777-300ER was on final 27R. Keeping it safe, steady and clean we made the unplanned parallel landing with ample spacing between us and an arrival into London which was starting to get busy for the day.

The Garuda Indonesia London routing has been changed (again) recently. The inbound flight previously required a hop from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali to Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Jakarta then onto London but they changed it to route via Kualanamu International Airport, Medan with a one hour stop, which is what was replicated here after departing late yesterday afternoon on the expert server.

I won’t go into the outbound leg back to Indonesia just yet (another time) but it’s been changed again as well.

Good times.


Wow! Very nice parallel landings! I personally love them 👍

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Awesome pictures! Do you know, by any chance who the other pilot is?

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I’ve looked them up (a BAVA pilot) and found them but am reluctant to tag random users too much :-)

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