A/P turning

Often when I’m turning to follow a waypoint in IF. I’m on A/P meaning that the turn will be sudden and really large. How can I solve this?

You can’t.
The only thing you can do is increase or decrease with 1 degree increments until the maximum banking is achieved. Then change it with larger increments until you get to the desired heading.


LNAV will be available whit Global Flight release.


Hoping I will be able to choose the maximum bank angle when it comes out.

In real world use of a/p to do turns either using HDG SEL or LNAV is limited to 25 degree bank angle. IF seems to reflect this. If you want to do a harsher turn and upset the passengers you have to do it manually ;)


Upsetting my passengers isn’t a problem when you need to arrive on time 😜

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Making turns on time is more efficient and creates less drag.

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