A/P Speed Hold deviation

Speed Hold Active: Yes
Target Speed: M0.85

Actual Held Speed: M0.90 (over a sustained duration) resulting in violations while away.


No API add-ons in use. Deviation begins after a data interruption.

iOS 15.6.1:


I’ve forwarded this to another member in the team.
Can’t say I’ve ever seen such an excessive AP error like this before, but we’ll take a look.


It’s bizarre. Some of these recent quirks seem to be linked to an interruption with the API Service. I have a couple of theories as to why. One technical, the other not so much.

It shouldn’t have any relation whatsoever. The API service notification you get in the app is usually due to increased response time between you and our Live API backend. It’s not the Connect API that for example has the ability to change flight parameters.


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