A/P Recalibrating Pitch?

Hey guys!

I’ve been having a slight problem when flying during descent/approach phase. I tend to recalibrate my device and trim before I disable my A/P. Though recently whenever I disable the altitude control it feels as if it recalibrates and then my aircraft tends to pitch up/down. It’s a little irritating having to recalibrate and trim right after…anyone else had this problem?

I use an IPad (2017) running IOS 13.5.1 with the most recent IF version.



Let’s start with basic.

Are you recalibrating above a continuous surface like a table?

Yeah I tend to do that and then I can keep my position when I’m holding my IPad.

Ok so you then click on calibrate and just after switch off the altitude control.

Did you had trim input before the recalibration?

And the pitch movement are quite rough or just some up/down little movement?

I recommend calibrate when a few times when taking off on the runway. That makes my takeoff smoother. And I just calibrate once when I’m about to disengage autopilot.

Generally I’ll do the following, keep in mind this only happens after using A/P for altitude so nothing happens during takeoff that’s ok.

  1. Trim
  2. Calibrate and make sure I’m at the right position (so no drastic change)
  3. Disable VNAV
  4. Disable the Altitude management

It feels somewhat rough.

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