A/P NAV to waypoint isn't on ILS

Hey all,
Since I have started my tour Flying around the world and also being a grade 4 pilot (plenty of experience landing at airports), I always file a flight plan to (let’s say KLAX) and I would select the waypoints so I’m heading straight for the runway but 10 - 20 miles (16 - 32km for us metric people). The problem is when I get to these waypoints I’m almost always slightly off the ILS which bugs me as I have to then correct it even though I specifically chose the straight in waypoints. Is this something I am doing wrong or is it just a bug?
Thanks a lot, JamesQFA380!

When you get close to the airport you should control the heading yourself through the A/P or manually with tilt to intercept the Localiser for the ILS approach. These nav points aren’t what I would ever use personally if I want to get lined up for the runway.

I wouldnt expect to be perfectly lined up unless following the loc

Ok oh so I’m not actually meant to use the NAV waypoints to get set up correctly for the ILS. Thanks @Chatta290 and @Chad_Garnett!


No worries, ideally at the end of the cone you should be controlling the heading yourself. Have the nav points on your fpl but don’t have the AP follow them, use the localiser.

Real airliners conducts RNAV approaches often when clear of clouds.So there’s not a big problem in conducting approach manually on final😉

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