A/P DCT to waypoint

DCT to waypoint: hello, this option is to be able to fly directly to a waypoint. right now we have ACT. Leg. This causes the a / p to intercept the bearing of the active waypoint. DCT to waypoint changes the route making you go directly to the waypoint from your current position. I put a comparative image below. I hope and this option is added

Act. Leg is not the same as direct

You can currently fly direct to a waypoint by opening the map, tapping on the point you want to go direct to, and clicking the D -> button. This will pull up an option to either keep or replace your current flight plan. This is not the same as activate leg.


i need to press “keep flight plan”?

If you replace your flight plan, it will delete the points after the point you want to go direct to. Keeping your flight plan will allow you to go direct to a point and then continue on whatever you filed thereafter.