A/P Crosswind Landing Challenge

Hey there!

I was thinking about a great and funny challenge to do an here it is!


OBJECTIVE: The objective of the challenge is to land more or less safely at the desired airport.

RULES: You must not land manually, and neither use the APPR Mode. You must land with only changing the Autopilot parameters, such as Heading, Speed, Altitude and Vertical Speed. I let you use the trim to butter the landing. All must be controlled by your own, but though th A/P interface

Your approach is up to you upon reaching the start of the approach cone of the runway, where you must enable the A/P

CHALLENGE VALIDITY: You must upload a HUD Replay to demonstrate that your landing conforms to the parameters listed above.

Good Luck to all!

This is what I usually do for my landings. It’s pretty dang easy.

What about crosswind!?

I use the rudders and sometimes do APPR.

Can’t use for the challenge, all must be controlled with the A/P interface

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Hmm…let’s see what happens.

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