A OneWorld Adventure Trip to Australia Pt. 1

This trip will cover all airlines that have a OneWorld alliance. This OneWorld alliance will cover American Airlines, Air New Zealand and Qantas Airways. So, in this first part, I will be flying from my hometown St. Louis to Dallas Fort Worth and then KDFW-KLAX in the same airline and same aircraft. So, here goes my first ten shots.

First Flight: American Airlines Flight 2043 - St. Louis to Dallas 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Destination: Dallas Fort-Worth Int’l Airport (KDFW)
Flight Time: 1hr 20mins
Server: Expert

Good morning folks, here we are at Gate C12 at St. Louis Airport getting ready to board Flight 2043 to Dallas Fort Worth. I hope this flight will be smooth.

A beautiful, clear sunny morning takeoff RWY 12R from St. Louis, Off We GO to Dallas-Fort Worth.

Beautiful scenery as we cruise at FL380, going across Oklahoma and about to enter the northern tip of Texas 🇺🇸

And an hour later, we are on final approach RWY 35C, Dallas Fort Worth. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for landing.

And we are here at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport at Gate C26. Now it is time to disembark the aircraft and proceed to Gate C30 for our next connecting flight to Los Angeles aka, Hollywood.

Second Flight: American Airlines Flight 791 - Dallas to Los Angeles 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Dallas Fort-Worth Int’l Airport (KDFW)
Destination: Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)
Flight Time: 3hrs 15mins
Server: Expert

And now, we are boarding the same aircraft , here at Gate C30, to Los Angeles since it was a short layover. Let’s Go!

And took off from the opposite RWY 17R departing to the west. We are off to Los Angeles.

Cruising at FL380 past El Paso Texas 🇺🇸 on this 3 hour journey. Feel comfy and snack time.

3 hours later, we are now on final approach RWY 7R, spotting an Iraqi Air Boeing 77L holding short RWY 7L for takeoff at Los Angeles Airport.

And we are here at Gate 47B at L.A. 🇺🇸

This concludes the first part of the trip. Next part of the trip will be the adventurous long haul to New Zealand and final flight to Sydney, Australia. Thanks for viewing my photos.


Amazing pictures

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