A note on London Heathrow

London Heathrow (EGLL) is by far the busiest airport every day on the training server, and is absolutely packed even when there are events on the expert server.

In an effort to increase realism, I just wanted to point out a few things about this amazing airport.

Terminal 2 (The Queen’s terminal) at Heathrow is devoted to all Star Alliance members (eg. Singapore Airlines, United, Swiss, Thai, Air New Zealand). If you’re flying with one of these liveries, please attempt to park only here.

Terminal 3 at Heathrow is meant for all but two members of the Oneworld Alliance (eg. Cathay Pacific, Qantas) and is also the only base for Virgin Atlantic. Only a few British Airways flights depart from here (check before you fly that specific route). It is also home to non-alliance airlines, like Emirates and Philippine Airlines, and the SkyTeam members Delta and Middle East Airlines.

Terminal 4 at Heathrow is home to all but two SkyTeam alliance members (eg. Aeroflot, KLM, Saudia) as well as the OneWorld members Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways. It also houses Etihad Airways.

Terminal 5 at Heathrow is exclusively reserved for most British Airways flights and Iberia. There are two satellite terminals, 5B, and 5C (see chart below). They are mostly used for long haul flights with larger aircraft.

Please keep this in mind before flying so your experience and everyone else’s can be as realistic as possible. I’ve attached an airport diagram of EGLL below to help you!


Note: I’ve edited this post so more people can take note ahead of what promises to be a fabulous day at Heathrow tomorrow! Happy flying!


As great as this is, there really isn’t much we can do to make people act more realistic. But otherwise, this is a really great resource!


Realism isn’t guaranteed. People will steal a gate wherever they feel is most time convenient in relation to the runway. And even then, Expert Server isnt supposed to be 100% realistic, but rules are tighter when it comes to safety on the ground and in the air. I would know because I racked up 4 overspeed violations bc I was looking away from my phone.


I love how this post mentions the correct gates! My biggest pet peeve (although very trivial) is when people arrive/depart from the wrong gates! (American Airlines departing from the United Airlines terminal 1 at KORD is another example). I understand that there is no real way to enforce it, but at least in the expert server, take the extra 2-3 minutes before you spawn in to check whether your gate is appropriate. This increases not only the realism in the sim and the experience for everyone, but also shows a certain level of maturity when it comes to flying.

Anyways, great post! Hope more people choose to follow these.

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I think there are plenty of other items that folks should work on regarding Realism™ before worrying about where people park. I know it’s “all about the Realism™” on the forum, and then you see the same folks calling into approach at 22,000ft 15nm from the airport, or entering the downwind at 17,000ft.

Let’s see all of grade 4 and grade 5 pilots work on learning proper flight procedures before we get all up in arms about gate Realism™.


I’m not trying to force other people to do this.
I just put it out as a resource just in case people wanted to make their flight experiences as realistic as possible. Improving flight procedures and proper gates aren’t mutually exclusive, I’m sure everyone can work on them simultaneously if they’d like to.


@saad375… MaxSez: Interesting overview of and recommendations for “Wait-row”usage/OP’s etc, your time and efforts are commendable.

However as a frequent flyer in truth I routinely avoid Wait-row like the Black Plague on all servers. With its routine overcrowding, delays, metro obstruction ect, Other of the outlying “B” London area fields similar san “Wait-row with better flow control are more appealing.

Thank for your time and effort, Correct in every respect, but Heathrow is Dead to me!

G’day, Opinionated MaxSends

CORRECTED: Thanks @David_Lockwood! The Theme remains unchanged!)

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Exactly!!ha The small details people seem to focus on (like gates and aircraft lighting) are really pointless if you can’t first “fly” the plane! I kind of wish the autopilot feature had to be earned because I think too many people rely on it and can’t actually hand fly. This is especially noticeable when a pilot gets cleared for a runway they didn’t already map into their GPS…ha

Start in a prop and work your way up! What’s fun about autopilot anyway?! ;)


Do you mean Gatwick which has only the one operating runway and TFR as per realife? LHR has both runways operational

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27L/9R is currently closed. NOTAM below. So no one better use that runway if it’s all about the Realism™


@David_Lockwood… MaxSez. Another time another place, Oop’s… Thanks Dave!!! BF again.
Best Mate, Max


Put a bookmark on this. Thanks for the overview! Very helpful.

Just to pint this out, T4 is also home to Etihad. Either way, nice post altogether. Realism is an added gem in a simulator like this one.

I feel that this was very needed, especially to newer pilots on the Training Server. Thank you for sharing this!

I think this is extremely relevant now, considering tomorrow Heathrow is schedule for IFATC operations.
I know bumping isn’t exactly respected here, but I felt this was needed.

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