A Note About The New Callsign Policy

Hey, so I have some concerns.

Infinite Flight already took away the option to make our own callsigns. That made it even more difficult to recreate flights of airlines without a callsign. Before, we could just put in the flight number if there wasn’t a callsign for us. Now, we can’t even request them if they don’t have a livery in game?

Example. Vision Airlines. They operated the 767 which we have in game. But guess what? Nobody but me probably wants that livery. But I still wanna recreate their flights. So unless I get 50+ people to agree with me that the livery should be added, theres no chance that i can see a callsign in game.

This goes for many other smaller airlines such as CitiLink, Air Tahiti, etc. I still want to fly the flights in IF, but i cant do it realistically.

You are sorta backing us into a corner Infinite Flight.

What happened to diversity? If you don’t add every diverse airline livery, how do you expect us to fly with them?


Even worse, look at Vistara Virtual

They don’t have a callsign

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Also. They said its a waste of developer resources. Is it really that hard to type a 5-10 letter callsign into a database and get it all set up? It probably takes like 5 minutes.

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I wouldn’t comment on the devs work in this way. Whilst it may look easy to us, we don’t quite understand all the complexities of updating it without affecting people’s gameplay. I definitely couldn’t do all the work the devs manage in such a “disrespectful” environment.

I do agree however this is something that should be looked into to improve the sim experience for users but I suppose sacrifices do have to be made in order to rid the sim of trolls. Interested to see how this develops because an important issue that has been quite controversial since it was introduced. ✌️


That’s the problem though, you want a Vision airlines callsign, next “bob” wants his airline callsign, IF can’t have every callsign for every airline ever, so they drew the line at the livery being in the game, it may upset you but it probably won’t change unless the liveries come in the game 🤷‍♂️

Would it be better if “Bob” wanted his livery as well?

Its asking for less than a livery just a simple callsign. I get there are many that can be added. But thats what the features request would be for. To see which ones people are requesting. They arent going to request every single callsign.

You are still welcome to contribute callsigns to the table in the Missing Callsign Database, the only rule is to not create a feature request in Features unless the airline has a livery in the sim and is missing a callsign.

Nobody said it was hard, it’s just not efficient to do often as we have other priorities being a small team. I am PM’d multiple times a day about this, it quickly gets out of hand. We are aiming to add callsigns that are requested and we normally add a bunch along with app updates.


But the way it was explained is that unless a livery is in game, the callsign won’t be added. And we don’t have all the liveries of airlines that people want.

Please ignore that, we revised the policy since then. Refer to the post I linked to above. Thanks!