A note about liveries

So recently I have seen a lot of liveries of major flag carriers not get added on 20.2 and I wanted to share my opinion regarding that.

I’ll just say it, I am a bit angry that some very-wanted liveries such as ANA, Jet Airways or even Air China aren’t being added with the update. Yet, some liveries like Crystal or Iraqi airways are being added even though they’re not amongst the most wanted liveries here on IFC.
Okay, I get it that all liveries can’t be added due to costs, storage, and other things. But why can’t the most wanted liveries such as ANA get added? And before you say to me “Look at Misha’s post regarding ANA B77W”, let me say my opinion regarding his comment. I get it that the IF development team wants diversity and include liveries from all over the world, but what’s the point of adding a livery if nobody will fly it? It simply makes no sense to me that the most wanted liveries are simply ignored, and that others which nobody asked for are added.

I do feel that the community’s voice has been forgotten and I’m making this post to bring this to the attention of the IF development team. I know this may be closed in a matter of seconds, however I am totally allowed to share my opinion as it is part of my rights as a customer.


Just because they aren’t in this update doesn’t mean they will never be added.

If you want them so bad use the #features category so the community can vote.

Constantly complaining and bashing the devs aren’t gonna do anything and it will make your voice more “forgotten”


Where am I “bashing” the devs?

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The community voices haven’t been ignored, these liveries choices focused on minorities that don’t have as much of a chance to lift their ideas to the head of the features category.

I’m happy with charter and Middle Eastern liveries on the LR and there’s no way those would be added if the choice focused on top voted ones.

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Every unincluded livery has a reason for it. They are not free to make, and they are not free to stream to your device. On B77L you have liveries like Crystal and Iraqi because the team felt the need to diversify the fleet and add unique liveries, which was only fueled by the fact that there are not too much B77L liveries out there, same goes for 777F. If they were to base their livery choices solely on community choice, it would have been european, big 3 arabian, american carriers and some asian ones - doesn’t seem that diverse. On Jet Airways specifically, the issue might be that the airline was in unknown state, and there was no-one to ask about using their media (logo), but that is just my theories


I would suggest taking a look at this with regards to the ANA

All in all, I unfortunately do not agree with what you said above as the developers did not “ignore” the liveries. As said by Misha, the ANA feature thread had 30-40 votes before beta. It only blew up after open beta phase 2.

And there is nothing wrong with Crystal. It’s a unique aircraft and opens up many VIP Charter routes that you have in your imagination.

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I don’t feel this is a fair statement considering the entire B777 family being reworked is a direct result of the community’s voice. We listen and gave you the biggest possible microphone to decide on this aircraft.

That said, we added many liveries in this update, both new and old. We’ve proven over the years that we’re never done adding liveries and have dropped quite a few additions in various hot fixes and unrelated updates. To the best of my knowledge we offer more liveries than any other competitor and we do this knowing it’s our biggest live expense… again, because we listen and know it’s a priority to you, our community.

Lastly, unique and rare liveries open the door to new exploration, events, and welcome parts of the world who may have felt under represented because they only see ANA, Jet Airways, and Air China. All of our decisions are careful calculations with a big emphasis on the community and future goals for Infinite Flight.

This topic will remain closed. Vote for any of your favorite liveries that may not be found in 20.2 in #features. Thanks for your input.