A Note About Aircraft Sounds

Aircraft engine sounds are a big topic of discussion, especially for new and reworked aircraft. We understand this adds to the realism and immersive experience you expect when using a simulator. For that reason, we’d like to communicate an update about custom sounds and where we stand currently.

We do not have plans to add new sounds at the moment due to technical challenges and time constraints. We understand that it might be disappointing for many (it is for us as well), but we simply have other priorities at the moment.

That being said, if we find a way to solve those constraints, you will be the first to hear about it. For a more in-depth explanation, check out Laura’s answer on our live stream.

For now, blue skies and tail winds as you explore the Infinite Flight skies!


Thanks for clarifying Jason!


Thanks for the update! I look forward to possibly having custom sounds for the A380!


Thank you for the quick update on sounds. I definitely hope in the future we can get new sounds.

Blue Skies to you to Jason!

Based on what we just said, this is very unlikely.


I understand that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you also didn’t shoot down the possibility outright.

Is it wrong to still be optimistic and hopeful?


Okay but I think in the year 2022 good sounds has become a expectation for a flight simulator


wish A380 got custom sounds, but its ok because 777 still is music to my ears

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Completely understand the technical restraints, but unsure about the time? We don’t mind waiting, haha. Even if the sounds get released later than the aircraft.


Well thats sad, but maybe that means more reworks, and faster.

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I didn’t realize that the generic soundpack was the 737. Outside of the 777, which other planes have custom sounds?

The 757 does I believe.


I don’t know about the behind the scenes or how the staff get the custom aircraft engine sounds, but is it possible that to get the custom sounds in advance in each rework aircraft and working it in the future? It’s like buying the files and edit or working them when it’s ready (something like that) 🤔 As i remember on the previous live stream that the A220 already have the sound pack but haven’t been work on.


Thankyou for explaining why Jason. I love the generic sound a lot anyway! :)

If I’m not wrong,the A220 sound pack had arrived, but hasnt been implemented yet???

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Just on Jason’s reply on the A380 Trent 900 sound feature request, he mentioned the possibility of putting the 777 sounds on the A380. Other community members have also suggested that the A10 sounds be put on the E175 and A220 (could be wrong on the 220) and the 757 sounds on the A330 as there was an argument that those sounds worked better. Is there any possibility that this may happen in the future instead of implementing new sound packs? I appreciate that time is a factor also in this.

TL;DR, adding existing engine sounds to previously reworked aircraft

Looking forward to following the A380s progress ✈️


If it is so impossible to implement new sound packs, then why did they set a precedent with the 777 and 757?

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Okay, gotcha! I’m also seeing from other people that apparently the 220 has custom sounds as well?

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The devs never actually said following the 777 rework release (the first aircraft series to get custom sounds) that all new aircraft from that point would have new sounds - the community just assumed that and it then became an expectation.

There was no precedent set - if anything its the community’s fault for jumping to the conclusion that all new aircraft following the 777 would get custom sounds.


It doesn’t atm.