A not-CTP flight from JFK

Yesterday i noticed that this weeks FNF is a CTP event and as i don’t have time for an intercontinental flight i decided to fly a regional route from JFK. I have chosen to fly JFK-BUF in the Delta CRJ. It was quite busy there as Blu Games stream just started there. I had to abort my takeoff once because of windshear but at my second attempt i could get airborne. I was probably the smallest plane at the airport. The flight was done on Expert server at about 1400Z. I hope you enjoy my picture!


Nice shots! I agree, though. The windshear was horrible, and it was hard to get airborne. I was flying a Westjet 737, and I was having trouble buttering the landing, so I had to go around 3 times.

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When i was at Buffalo, i had a crosswind of 35kt and i had to make a go-around after touching down. The winds were really dangerous

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Nice editing

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Great Job, when this becomes more of reality in Infinite flight, this could be the future. :) Love your editing btw.