A non-3D airport is listed as being 3D in the blog

So I’m currently at KEWR, which is listed as being 3D in the Infinite Flight 22.6 blog post (screenshot of which is posted below).

I’m not sure why this is, because the Newark airport is not actually 3D. I also checked the 22.5 and the 22.7 blogs, because I know that typos happen. KEWR is listed as being 3D in those blog posts as well. If it is a typo, I’m surprised that it happened in multiple blog posts.

To make sure that this wasn’t a glitch, I cleared my scenery cache and also restarted the app.

I wasn’t sure if this belongs in Support or Meta. If this is more appropriate for Meta, I am sorry!

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The 3D scenery for KEWR was finished before last update however it was unable to be reviewed to be included with the last update. Not sure why the blogs say it’s 3D but it should be released in the next update.

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Awesome! Glad to hear that KEWR will be included in 23.1!

What I would guess: first of all, KEWR is not 3D yet but more detail on that has been given earlier in this thread. Secondly, my understanding of the map is, that it’s created manually every update. If for example in 22.5 one airport gets in by accident and the map is copy and pasted for the 22.6 blog with only the new ones being added, it would be a continuous error which has been made at some point and only now has been discovered.

Umm looking at the map, this actually shows every single some ready for release airports, even if it’s not been released yet…

Another Example: I made 4R9, it’s ready for release and it hasn’t been released yet, but it still shows there…
EDIT: I’m not sure exactly what but there is definitely something up

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Something fishy going on 🤔

The problem isn’t the map. It’s the Delta MD-11 at EWR, let alone at Terminal C. 😭


I know it does not belong but I believe you were one who helped with EWR and just let me say thank you because I’m so happy to get another major hub for JetBlue and United


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