A Noisy Invader

Good afternoon, IFC,

I was working at my desk when I heard a rumble outside. Being the avgeek I am, I rushed outside on my balcony just in time to get an A-26 invader in the golden hour!


Let’s go straight to the pictures

The pictures are blurry because my focus went brr because it was a rare plane so it obviously had to mess up the shots

The Invader in front of a mountain… can you guess which it is?
I think @Marc is going to like this one ;)

And there was the low pass!

I hope you liked these unexpected shots :)

Have a nice day, you’re halfway through the week!

Thank You!



Awesome stuff! Must have been fun seeing that bird fly!

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It was very fun, especially seeing the landing gear deploy sideways!


These pictures weren’t for the quality, but I posted them here because it was a fun sight I wanted to share with this awesome community :)

I am guessing that the mountain is Mt Rainier?

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Ay man if its noisy simple, send it my way we will take care of it

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That is correct!

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Aight next time I will see it I will yell at it to go away :P

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Thanks homie

Old warbirds are the best, what a lucky spot!

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I would’ve said it was a B25 Mitchell, it looks so similar.


awesome picture. quite the view from your balcony.

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