A nice short flight- LEMG-LEIB, RYR738

Hello IFC and welcome to this topic. This morning I flew a nice flight that to be honest I didn’t know that it existed until last night. I hope you like the pictures

Flight details

Route: Malaga-Ibiza
Flight time: 0:48
Server: Expert

Standing at the gate boarding the passengers and loading the cargo. Some of the passengers include @Rian16 who is heading to Ibiza to party all night long, @Charlieab29 who is being transferred for his event and @Sharan.Somayaji who is just happy to fly

Engines normal, flight controls checked, flaps 5 and APU off. “FRVA002 taxiing to Runway 13”

“Cabin crew, seats for immediate takeoff please”

V1, Rotate

@Patrick_McCormack is also heading out to Ibiza for the event later today. Here is his view of the mountains on departure

Cruising at FL410 a lucky passenger (@twig) managed to get this shot from the jump seat

As we start approaching the party island, the speed brakes came up and all of the avgeeks onboard knew that the time was near

“Gear down, flaps 30, spoilers armed, landing clearance received. Landing checklist complete

With a bit of a thump we were down safely and at the gate. Time for @Rian16 to party, @Charlieab29 and @Patrick_McCormack to get to business, for @twig to stop asking questions that even the pilots didn’t know the answers to and for @Sharan.Somayaji to calm down from the excitement of flying

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I hope you liked the photos and the little story to go with them. Thanks for taking a look and I’ll be back with more soon.


Amazing pictures 😍😍.I liked the fifth picture! I hope I survived your very buttery landing 😜🤣🤣🤣! Nice humour! 👌👌👌 I need to calm down lol! 😂😂😂


It wasn’t very buttery but ok. Thank you Sharan

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Ahaaa I just hope I survived… Otherwise Rip me😂😂😂 Anytime mate!😉

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I loved it 🔥🤩 great work!

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Brilliant the way you included IFC members as passengers. Looking forward to the event! #FRVA

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I like the cabin views, and the great scenery!

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