A nice flight with the CRJ9, LH311!

Hello IFC,

here are some pictures of my last flight!

Route: EDDM - LFSB (Munic - Basel/Mulhouse)
Date: 27.07.2021
Flight time: 00:45


⬆ Starting up the beautiful CRJ900 at Terminal 2 Stand 233 in EDDM

⬆ Moments before TO on RWY 08R

⬆ Departing out of MUC

⬆ Cruising at FL240

⬆ Short final for RWY 15 in LFSB

⬆ Seconds before touch down!

⬆ Parking at Stand 43 in Basel

I hope you liked my pictures and thanks for reading!


Nice flight! Second most favorite flight to Switzerland from Munich after Munich to Geneva (even though Basel is technically a French airport).

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Thanks, MUC - GVA is also a nice flight!

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