A Nice flight to an Unpopular airport in Greece

While finding a Flight for Amsterdam I would rather fly to Samos which is nearby Izmir, Turkey and it’s part of Greece which means it has nice scenery AND it’s a real one with Transavia (underrated airline btw)


Boeing 737-800

Bye Busy Amsterdam Schiphol

FL370 and heading Southwest

Passing by the usual nice Alps

Cockpit still looks like new after like 8-7 months after the 777 rework

Hello Greece

Besides wanting to Samos I didn’t actually know the visual approach since I rather do a straight STAR to the runway until knowing there mountains between it

Going Kai Tak approach ey?

After a straight 3 hour flight and a usual smooth landing on this machine we made it safely (despite not knowing the approach)


Nice shot


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cool route
will try once i get pro again


Nice shots @GameBoy_KIRB , this looks like a fun route, I’ll definitely have to try it sometime.


I love the last photo!!!

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Oh yea if you wanted to go to Samos airport I would recommend some charts when on approach


I made this approach multiple times. It’s a really hard approach. Everything goes really fast and you need to follow the charts very precise. In general, almost all Greek airports are kind of special to approach.

But in my opinion that’s the cool thing in Greece. Every approach is different which is perfect to learn how to fly an aircraft manually without using the autopilot all the time.

Especially at Aegean Virtual we’re flying often to Samos and are training to fly a visual approach, manual VOR navigation and DME ARC‘s.


That’s right! Autopilot is good but the captain shows his skills only in these situations

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Your shots are great! Loved it!

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Thanks a lot!!! Everyone

That looks like a really cool flight! You can’t go wrong with Greek airports normally and this topic shows it very well. Thanks for sharing, very well done!

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