A nice flight in an A321

Aircraft: Airbus A321 generic

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oof i almost had a tailstrike lol

I love the scenery. Next time I’d suggest you to go to your replay files, increase the aircraft and rendering graphics and use the in-game screenshot tool. These screenshots would look much better with just better graphics.


Not to mention, an A321 is much too large for both AVX and TVL πŸ˜‚. It’s quite a feat that you pulled to fly it in and out of those airports!

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He must be a very good pilot then Issac. Lol

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Great photos!

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Great pictures of the A321! Thanks for sharing!

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thx pal. ur a good pilot too

thx pal! have a nice day!

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Thanks, you too!

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srry about the bad quality
im afraid that it would lag lol