A New Way Of Appealing Ghosts

Hello community! Today I came up with an idea to make the IFC more freindly to new users, particularly those who come here with ghosting complaints.

Now, I have no idea how many people join the IFC souly to appeal for a ghosting, but I assume they’re out there. If I had been ghosted and not known about the IFC, I would head right over to infiniteflight.com, and click support. After that I would make an account, post a support topic on how my ghost was incorrect, and so on. After this, I’d be bombarded with people saying “you’re wrong, this is why” or “this doesn’t belong in #support” which all seems unwelcoming.

I propose that we add a new section to the website specifically for ghost appeal. For those who aren’t familiar with the website, the new section link could go here:

Like the #support link takes you to the support category, the ghosting appeal link would take you to the ghost appeal tutorial:

This makes it much more informative for those who need to appeal for their ghost, and gives us a better chance of attracting new users.

Please note that, again, this is just a suggestion for us to discuss. In no way am I demanding that this be implemented.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!


This is a great idea. I assume almost half the people here joined the Community for this reason.

Or, just don’t do that. It’s very easy to do.


What I mean is that there’s no real way for new users to know exactly how to appeal for a ghost. This would just give them a simple path.

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What about a form, you say why you were ghosted, you choose the controller, it asks you for screenshots and say why you think it was unfair.

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So you want a page that just says “If you were ghosted, please see this page on the forum”. There’s no need for a webpage form as it would just duplicate work.

The forum is the preferred method for ghosting appeals. If they contact support via email they are directed to the forum. The forum is the best place.

I see your point. However, we still have people who come to the forum and just don’t know how to appeal. I guess what I’m trying to say is we could use a way to make it easier for people to know how to appeal.

What about a manual about how to use the forum that comes up after you sign up.

Unfortunately we’re in the age of TL;DR 🤷🏼‍♂️

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There are tutorials, links, guides in various places along with the welcome email. If they don’t read it, they don’t read it. I don’t think one additional link is going to solve the problem. Most new accounts that are questioning a report are made a PM instantly so you never really see it. What you see on the forum is people who have had an account for a while, may or may not be that active, and post their ghost question. Again, there are links all over the place informing of proper procedures.

They already get links to threads on how to use the forum and FAQ.


I had no idea there was a welcome email. That settles it then, and this topic can be closed :)

Cool, glad I could help :)

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