A New Visitor @EIDW 23rd August

On the 23rd of August LOT Polish Airlines began services to Dublin from Warsaw with 4 flights per week with an E190. I went down to snap a picture of the inaugural flight operated by SP-LMC. I spent some more time spotting other aircraft at Dublin also so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

A Croatian Airlines A319 A9-CTI wearing the Star Alliance livery

An Aer Lingus A321neoLR with the new 2019 livery

A private Cessna 560XLS Citation Excel + G-CKUB taking off from runway 28

A United 787-10 N14011 headed out to Newark

A Lufthansa A320 D-AIWG from Frankfurt

And back at it again with the Aer Lingus baby EI-GEV from Donegal!

A special livery from Etihad this time on a 787-9 A6-BLF from Abu Dhabi. This was totally unexpected and a nice surprise. Not that I’ve ever seen/heard of this livery before lol. According to FR24 it is the: UDNOC-Choose China livery whatever that means. If anybody knows please do tell me!

An Emirates 777-300ER A6-EGW from you guessed it; Dubai!

And finally we finish on this Lufthansa CRJ900 D-ACKG from Munich! The only CRJ we see here at Dublin.


Canon 500D with a 55-250mm lens

You won’t want to miss my next spotting topic I’ll have it out within the next two days. Some of my best shots to date in it!


Great shots!

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I was looking forward for this special flight. This is now the second airline that operates flights from Ireland to Poland.

I will be looking forward for LOT Polish Airlines to arrive in Cork. The arrival dates may have changed to March.

Great pictures too! I hope you had a nice day out here. The weather was great during this day as far as I remember.

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Dude, you’re getting really good really fast.

Nice shots 😄

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Amazing shots Ryan! Glad to see the LOT Polish Airlines at Dublin.

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Amazing Shots!
I was thinking to do some planespotting myself but I can’t seem to find a good camera.
What camera do you use?

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Wow! These are amazing photos!

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Thanks Luke!

Yes me too! It’s great to see Dublin airport expanding and also it’s brilliant to see more connections to Poland! The weather was pleasant but nothing spectacular. Thanks Kuba!

Thanks a million mate <3. But wait till you see my next topic ;)

Thanks Sharan! Me too

Thanks mate! I use a Canon 500d with a 55-250mm lens. The lens is more important so I would suggest in the range of 100-400mm would be a good starter lens. If you PM AndrewWu the guy is a god when it comes to spotting and cameras etc he’ll be happy to help you out.

Thanks my friend :D


Very nice shots mate!

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Thanks! Glad you liked them :)

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Strange seeing the LUF cityliner CRJ 🤔. Good shots btw

Brilliant shots Ryan! The Etihad 787 photo and livery looks amazing. Well done👍

Wow amazing shots, what DSLR Camera do you have? It always seems to be cloudy in Ireland, even in the summer!

Thanks mate. It’s been operating for quite a while now. In fact one is departing from Dublin right now

Thanks Luke!

Thanks mate! I use a Canon 500D and yup that’s Ireland for ya lol

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Your pictures get better every topic, I really like these new perspectives!!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Julian!! Really appreciate that :)

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Amazing shots Ryan 👍👍 your lucky you live close to DUB. Getting to see the early heavy departures and arrivals. 👌👌

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Thanks Seán :)

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