A new video

Hey IFC!

I need to think of an idea for a new video on my YT channel, can anyone help me with some ideas?

“Trying to act professional on Casual Server”


I will make that video soon! Just not right now as I need something that will make a shortish vid

What do you think about a landing competition?

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Go on Expert server and rate other players landing on a busy airport

Tried that but no one was landing

Have a quick atc session?

Depends on what your YT channel focuses on in IF. Some focus on landing compilations, while others focus on timelapses. Maybe try to focus on a single topic, make a few videos on it, and then move onto another one. For example, I am starting a compilation video of spotting in IF but from realistic spotting locations. And regards to landing, they don’t have to be of other people. My video I am working on is only compilations of me landing and taking off.

“If I see a troll, the video ends” ← try it on casual server to really see the fun.

This would be people taxiing into others, takeoffs into others, not going around etc. etc. etc.

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Proceeds to move the camera to make it longer

@captain10 I’d personally recommend a challenging app, like Paro or Lukla :)


Paro is done!

Thank you!

Can you think of a song to go with it?

Can someone teach me how to make Infinite Flight YouTube videos like time lapse etc I am trying to start a YouTube channel but I don’t know how to edit or make content

Do you have a Macbook? I make mine with iMovie which is free.

(not self promoting) but this is what you can do with it. It uses many of the features iMovie is capable of regardless of it being free. I can make time lapses, attach music, adjust sound volume and fade, use transitions, crop, and much more. I can also precisely time music to video. I like to make certain camera changes, clip changes, events, etc. in precise tune to the music in my videos.

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@SWAviator I only have my Iphone but might get a IPad

Ah okay. You can make time lapses on your iPad but it takes many more steps.

For anyone else interested in iMovie, I can also precisely time music to video. I like to make certain camera changes, clip changes, events, etc. in precise tune to the music in my videos.

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But I can’t do it on my IPhone SE 2020

I think you can, depending on how much storage you have. It’s more complicated than a computer but here’s how I would do it since you only have the phone:

  1. Download music to your Music library. Note: Songs downloaded via Apple Music will not be compatible, so you will need to buy from the iTunes Store OR download the music video as an .mp3 on your computer (if you have one) and transfer it to your phone. I do this and I use ytmp3.cc

  2. Screen record your flight and other clips with the built-in screen recorder.

  3. Insert the video the first time and speed it up as much as you can
    Export the result.

  4. Import the sped up version, speed it up more, export. Repeat this process until you reach the desired speed.

  5. Once you reach the desired speed (usually determined by desired length of video), import your music. Make any trimming or speed adjustments to your video as necessary to fit within the music time.

  6. Export the final result.

Does that make sense? I’d be glad to answer any more questions.

Although your options are more limited than with a Macbook, I’d say it is possible. It will be easier if your flight is short (no long hauls) and your phone has plenty of storage. So, as long as you’re willing to devote some time and extra thinking and solving into it, I’d say it is possible. Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

How do you sinc up the engine sounds like I have seen on YouTube