A new VA?

Ok. So it has come to the point where my current. Air Serbia VA is actually doing bad-ish, however I also have another VA in mind. Although I am prepared for this idea. I want you guys who are reading to think whether I should start on scratch or not? What do you guys think?

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I think that you should choose one VA, and stick to it. Simply do a good job of one rather than quickly stringing a couple together and then wondering why they aren’t doing well.


Mate this is from IFPM and Frontier VA host 508 just calling in to say you should probably take one magnificientVA and stick with it. Don’t continually make VAs.
Find one you like and join it. Flywitj them for a month or so and learn how a good virtual airline works and operates. Then go out nad make your own but don’t make thirty in one day .


Find a staff positions at another va I recommend easyjet virtual but you chose. As VAs are hard to make

What is it with people coming on here and the first thing they do is want to create a VA? Or even worse want to create SEVERAL VAs!!??!!

IRL people don’t just start a business on the whim. They usually have some experience in the area and start off small before building it up. Everyone wants to start a VA with a fleet of 12 different types of planes!

Suggest that new people join a successful VA for a while and fly with them, perhaps after a while work for them as a member of staff and gain more experience. Then after a while you may wish to start off your own VA…hint start small with simple routes before building it up. Ryanair stared off with one aircraft on one route, now they are the biggest airline in Europe!

Before you start a VA,do your research, eiven if it is a ‘made up one’ it is still good to look at a real life airline as a comparison to see the routes as well as research their history.

However you may feel that you prefer to remain with the VA as a member of staff, and that is fine too!


Exactly. I was a part of BigBear, RedWings, and JetBlue for about a month before I even began planning Frontier va. I watched each of the ceos and how they opperated the airline. Then for another month I planned Frontier, finally bringing in my website designer and route manager.
Long story short…it took me two months minimum to create a functional virtual airline. And the second after it was created i couldn’t just leave it and expect it to thrive. I had to work several weeks before I got five pilots. It was tough and time consuming.
Now Frontier Virtual has 20 pilots, over 120 flights completed, and a month old

is hard to start a virtual airline and if you find it easy…you’re doing something wrong


Nice to know you learnt from me ;)

But seriously @TheCuriousPilot, stick with one va. It may take time to promote, but do a good job and it will eventually grow.


You are living proof that your virtual airline is doing well. You have over forty pilots! Guys if you don’t like real world airline or ahem frontier ahem…consider joining RedWings.


Likewise, well done! Thanks for the compliments. :)

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That’s the way to do it! A good example for others!

I started looking for a VA which would be similar to ones in the FSX world when I first got IF. I started off by joining a Facebook based BA VA, after a while I became an admin and eventually the CEO! However after a while I ended up being the only admin so sadly the VA died a death.

I looked around for a good VA and after trying a few I joined Qantas and was asked to help run it. Being doing that for about a year now and loving it. We have a great team of staff which is what really counts when trying to run a VA. do it by yourself a fail, but have a good team, try not to overstrecth and it will be a success!

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The staffing team does provide a much needed shoulder to lean on. Currently with only 20 pilots I haven’t expanded my staff but I might have to do that. For anyone tuning in, it is nearly impossible to run an airline by yourself. Get staff! Ask around you. Don’t create two hundred different threads.

Thanks @David_Lockwood for your assistance. As always, nice talking with you


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