A New VA! Why not?

Something I do not understand, why so difficult to create a virtual airlines? So I come here ask the support. The difficulty is not even managing, it is difficult to access the “member” seal here in the IFC community, so why? I admire the way they work, but have you ever thought how much you might be missing out on? Yes, there are several questions in one place, but there are several questions as soon as they do not receive a definitive answer.


Not sure what you are really asking here, but I’ll try and answer the best I can.

If you are talking about the IFVARB application process, then the reason that it is the way it is, is to ensure quality over quantity when it comes to Virtual Airlines.

If we allowed any VA, then there would be numerous VA’s that didn’t live up to the standards that we expect as a community, therefore the IFVARB have the process in which they do, to ensure that quality is maintained through all Virtual Airlines.


There are about 60 potential VAs waiting to be accepted by an IFVARB group to be reviewed. There is only a certain number of groups so there isn’t an overflow of VAs released to the IFC. It’s not that people don’t want to start VAs, they’re just waiting for the opportunity to do so.

IFVARB works very well and I have nothing bad to say about her. But the question is why it is so difficult to get recognition not only from them but from the IFC to get the “member” stamp so they can get input into creating a VA, they lose it. Have limitations until I understand, however in my view it seems that they do not want new virtual airlines so complicated is to come with request.

Trust me, they/we as a community all want new Virtual Airlines, but we want quality with them, when they are announced, and that’s what the IFVARB is there to ensure!


I am able to create a quality virtual airline, but it can overcome and surprise many, but these requirements contain the “member” stamp is not very relevant, thus preventing people with good creativity and great ability to share their projects.

Not sure what your saying with the member stamp thing

Trust level

This is probably done to slightly minimize the flow of VAs into the application process, and it’s also done so that people who aren’t familiar with the workings of the IFC don’t open up a VA and not have a clue how to do anything with the IFC

They lose a lot of it …

Becoming a member basically requires a little reading, a few likes and replies. It’s not really that high a bar.


Like others Said, Its not that hard as you say it is.
Just put some effort and you’ll reach TL2 very soon. Visit regularly, start replying more… If you do that you’ll get there quickly :-)

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Good Morning,

The TL2 is set to ensure that you have a good understanding of how the community works prior to starting a VA that depends on the community. If you’re dedicated to having your VA then you’ll be willing to put the work in to get there as i was although before reaching TL2 you can still contact an IFVARB Rep to get your VA idea approved (i.e ensure its not a duplicate) and they can get you started with a mission statement and a website you just can’t be put forward until TL2. I did the afore mentioned and it worked fine and fastracked my application to an extent as i didn’t have to start all the work after TL2 as it was mainly done.

Note: I went through the process pre-IFVARB Reform so things may be slightly different.

Simply put: to create a VA you need a website, crew center, staff, and not to mention lots of time to manage it all! The bar for new VAs goes up with the addition of new crew centers, etc. so there’s not as many new VAs.

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