A New Subcategory Request

Please create a sub of the Real World Aviation category explicitly for accidents.

This would allow those who wish to squelch that info to easily do so in their profile prefs.

Or enforce:

Aviation Incidents

As it is an unfortunate truth that there are many small aviation incidences on a daily basis. We ask that you refrain from posting about these on the forum. This is due to the volume of topics we would otherwise get that would clog up the forum and dilute productive discussion of other topics


Im going to go ahead and said I would not want to see this. The families of the victims should be respected and not have their child,husband, sibling speculated on.


This is the Infinite Flight Community. It’s not a place for gossiping about plane crashes.


The moderation team keeps an eye on categories for future enhancements. My personal fear is that a dedicated category will encourage more smaller incidents which are not within the rules of the RWA category. Remember we are first and foremost an Infinite Flight community.


I fear my point is being missed. Those posts are already proliferating. My proposal would allow them to easily be omitted from showing up as new posts, etc.

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I think it be a good one, the mods are very interesting when it comes to incidents, just like one closed a helicopter incident saying refrain from posting while we had an F16 crash and they allow it

These posts shouldn’t be on the forum at all,


I disagree, I think they should, specially one with videos. It’s a good way to see things go wrong just like the helicopter that went down in NYC.

Now what isn’t appropriate is playing NTSB and playing the blame game right away. Some one posted about a mid air and went on saying pilot error, when in reality we don’t know


Some aviaton incidents should be posted, but we shouldn’t have a entire category for them.

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We don’t want the forum to be clogged with small aviation accident topics

We don’t need to hear about this tragic stuff all the time. Some of us come home from a busy day to try to see something happy here, but to see a forum clogged with Aviation Accident topics is just depressing. They also tend to get very out of hand, and some people are very disrespectful during them so it is for the best we don’t add this at the moment

in my opinion


OK, I get the idea behind it, and I like it! 😊. But this will not be successful because some people don’t act in a mature way.

IFC is not the only way people can learn about crashes, there is other SPECIALISED websites and apps that ensure news get sent out. Why do we then make topics thinking people are isolated to IFC. They have other areas to go to such as BBC news ITV news etc. We don’t need IFC being another news page. It’s Infinite Flight for a reason


Hello. Chris has already done most of the explaining so I will just wrap up and say this will not be happening.