A new start, a new me. (An Apology)

Hello IFC!

I’ve been gone for quite some time now, which fortunately, gave me the time to think about what I had done wrong. Everyone learns from their mistakes. Depending on what mistake yo did, it takes time. It can’t happen overnight.

I was fortunate enough to have taken part in a another community which I joined about 3-4 months ago, and I had the chance to experience what being a Regular, and a moderator is. trust me, the job isn’t easy. Deleting this, checking flags, thinking bout bad users, etc. So now, I really do admire every single moderator and regular for what they go through.

So, knowing my ban, I decided to let it go. It’s life, you get up and deal with it. but, you come back stronger than ever. Which is exactly what I’m doing now. trust me, seeing the following message pop up on the middle of your screen isn’t comfortable, at all.

" you've been logged out "

But my suspension aside, I wanted to make an apology to everyone whom I might have been Insulting to, Annoying to, or generally negative towards.

I really apologize. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say sorry for what I had done, or caused.

I hope that the IFC will be able to have a part in their heart to accept my apology. While many of you had lost my trust, I want you to just think about it. perhaps, we could restart, and make this community even better!

So sorry everyone. Mods, Stafff, Regulars, or just normal users for what I have done. I am back, and I’m stronger than ever! And I’l make surety be helpful this time on the community.

Unfortunately, my road to regular has basically ended, as becoming a regular after you were banned is very rare, and only happens to some people.

So that’s it. I hope you accept my apology, and we can restart. ;)

Thanks for reading, and see you around, or in the skies!



Thank you for your sincere apology, even though you’ve always been nice to me…


Thanks, I really appreciate it.


It takes true nerve to admit that you’ve done something wrong and own up to it. Well stated. It isn’t easy doing this but you handled it perfectly! It’s really people like this who make the difference. So from me, thank you for taking responsibility.


Thanks a lot! trust me, it wasn’t easy at all :)


Wondering where you went off too:( Glad your back and takes a different kind of person to own up the their mistake… (Meant in a good way) Welcome back


No worries. I think you are like the only one who has ever apologized after a suspension which is very brave and humble of you. I have no doubt that you’ll fit in to the community better than before. This should be an example to be emulated.

“Success lies in one’s ability to learn from mistakes.” ― Dr Prem Jagyasi

Cheers to new beginnings 🍻


Thanks :) I’m glad to be back.

@Kiz thanks for your kind words :)


Becoming a Regular after you were suspended is not a very rare occurrence per say, want a prime example? Me! I turned my whole outlook on life around, thus I was rewarded not only in this community, but with my life in general. With this post, you showed who you truly are, and showed to everyone on this forum from all corners of this world that you have the ability to change and be a better you, you can be whatever you want to be in this world, that includes being the bad guy or being the hero. You like a true man took a responsibility for your actions and apologized to everyone, which I applaud you. And your road to regular has not ended, in fact, it may have just begun. ;) ;)

Hay un dicho que los Cubanos dicen, "el que tiene los cojones pa admitir sus erores, sea hombre "

“There is a saying that us Cubans use, whoever has the balls to admit their mistakes, is truly a man.”


We’ll is it that time already? Must be. Welcome my great friend from the leaving dead, it’s great to see you arise once more.


Thanks and since we are being brave. I will have to say that I’m sorry if I

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I always will have respect for someone who owns up to there mistakes. I’m glad that you’ve moved on and are trying to become a better person.


Wow, that brought a smile to my face. Thanks for your kind words mate ;)


Thanks a lot mate! It’s great to be back!

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You’re welcome mate

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No thank you for this post seriously dude, I’ve been up since 5 of the morning dealing with numbers, knowing that in 6 hours I have to take an 9 hour drive back to Orlando, just seeing you make this very post has lit my day up. Keep it up man, I promise you that you will be rewarded if you keep on doing great things.


I’m very glad! See you around!

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Welcome back @AlphaSeven

Thank you for this sincere apology. To face the consequences after making a mistake is one thing. Admitting the mistake and learn from it is the other one. With this post, you showed that you’re willing to learn, to improve and to get better, that’s a great start. You had time to reflect, and now you got another chance. I wish you all the best on that journey.

I’m looking forward to see you around with that new mindset. Have a good weekend!



Thanks @Marc!

have a great weekend as well ;)

Even though You’ve been nice to me, I really was like You and went through the same story. Even wrote an apology myself. I got banned for 2 years for trolling a moderator, being annoying and disruptive an most importantly immature.

I hope You have a great stay here, as I am having eber since I got unbanned (I reached out earlier).

Good riddance!

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