A New Spotting Location (BRU/EBBR) (Part 1)

Hello all of you beautiful people! I hope you’re all having a great day!

If you haven’t seen my last topic Brussels Airlines Appreciation Spotting go check it out if you want to!

So on the 13th of May I went spotting at Brussels again, if you saw my last topic (linked above) you may know I got a lot of shots, that’s why I’m making a second topic!

As the title suggests, this was a new location for me, and I plan on definitely going there again since I had a great view of all the aircraft.

As always, these shots are edited.

Basic information:

  • Landing runways: 25L and 25R
  • Departing runway: 25R
  • Camera: Fujifilm X-T2
  • Lens: Fujifilm XF 100-400mm

And with all of that out of the way, here are the pictures!

Let’s start off with a new one for me, here we have a gorgeous Aegean Airbus A321neo (SX-NAC) exiting runway 25R after a flight from Athens International Airport (ATH/LGAV).

After the wave of Brussels Airlines departures, I was extremely happy to see this, here we have a beautiful Swiss Bombardier CS300 /Airbus A220-300 (HB-JCD) departing towards Zurich Airport (ZRH/LSZH), this was the first time I ever got to see a CSeries /A220 so I was very happy.

Since we were standing next to the private/parking area for aircraft, we got to see quite a few private aircraft, this being one of them. A beautiful little Jetfly Aviation Pilatus PC-12 (LX-JFE) taxiing to runway 25R to depart to Dijon-Longvic Air Base (DIJ/LFSD).

Right after that I got to see an airline I hadn’t seen before in person, here we have a gorgeous LOT Boeing 737 MAX 8 (SP-LVC) bound for Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW/EPWA).

Some time after that I got to see this beauty up close and personal. Here we have a Delta Boeing 767-300ER (N1200K) taxiing out to runway 25R to depart towards John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK/KJFK).

Next up we have this Belgian Air Force Dassault Falcon 7X (OO-LUM) being towed to the private aircraft area.

After a while we got to see quite a rare aircraft, this Tunisair Boeing 737-600 (TS-ION) departing towards Tunis–Carthage Airport (TUN-DTTA).

A while after that it started raining, so we took cover, but we ventured out into the rain for a few aircraft, this being one of them. This French Air Force Airbus A330-200 (F-UJCS) did a touch-and-go on runway 25R after flying from Shannon Airport (SNN/EINN) and continued on to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG/LFPG).

Not too long after that surprise, we got to see one of the many special liveries of that day. This Etihad Boeing 787-9 (A6-BLV) wearing the Formula 1 Grand Prix livery blasting off of runway 25R bound for Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH/OMAA).

And last but not least, here we have an ANA Boeing 777-300ER (JA784A) lifting off from runway 25R, bound for Narita International Airport (NRT/RJAA).

And that’s it! I still have a lot more pictures that I could make another topic with so… should I make a part 2 of this? Let me know!

Anyway, as always I hope you liked the pictures, let me know what you thought of them and maybe give me some feedback.

All that’s left for me to say is see you next time everyone!


I’m speechless. AMAZING pictures!


Oh my gosh, every single one of these birds were a perfect hit!

Nice choice of pictures :^)


Thank you so much!

@Q-ENAN thank you very much!


Incredible pictures 😍


Thank you mate!

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This shot is beautiful! Aegean sends the neo almost daily. Also I love the airport of Brussels as it has a very unique apron. Great job!


@Baba more EBBR content


Thank you very much!

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Really nice pictures that tell a great story, thanks for sharing them with us!


Thank you and no problem!

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Awesome photos, hope there will be a part 2!


Thank you! And I’ll try to make another one soon if I have time.

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@Kostas_K The first pic :)
@anon2996007 @JulianB The second one is for you ^^

Btw nice shots !


Ahhh the A321 Aegean neo 😍😍😍 what a beauty


Thank you very much!

@Kostas_K indeed a beautiful aircraft and livery, glad I was able to spot it for the first time.


Very cool pictures as always! I really like the dynamic captured and the fantastic angles present, especially with the SWISS A220 and B737MAX. Great pictures all around as well, with the only negative being that the French Air Force one is a bit to far away.

Otherwise amazing work, especially because of the great diversity both of perspectives and planes, from the stunning Aegean NEO to the Tunisair and everything in between. As always thanks for sharing, and would definitely look forward to a Part 2 :)

Also big thanks to @LKA, the A220 looks especially stunning from this perspective on departure, so I much appreciated you letting me know!


Thank you very much! And yeah the French Air Force one was a bit hard to get since we were expecting it to be slowing down on the runway, not do a touch-and-go.

And I’ll try to make a part 2 soon if I have time!

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I already thought that was the reason why. Still a very cool picture, just the only kind of ‘negative’ feedback I was able to offer :)

No urgency at all, just wanted to express my interest ;)

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Tunislate JK

Awesome pics as always @T1MMY4L1F3_YT!

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