A New Server

It’s a nice mix, Advanced, Playground & Free Flight. But just the other day I had an idea for another server. Keep reading and find out!

So what is the server idea:

  • Basically my idea is to have an “advanced server” with aircraft unlocked by pilots ranking.

More in depth:

  • So the idea consists of pilot ranking to unlocking aircraft, but what I mean by this is a system in which a pilot must work there way from a small aircraft to a larger, much harder airliner/cargo. They would select a manufacturer, let’s say Airbus, and they would start from the bottom: A318 to A380. This would take hours of flying a perticular aircraft and gaining enough so to unlock the next aircraft in that group.


A318/19 - A320-21 - A330 - A340 - A380

Each having a perticular amount of hours and XP to unlock.


  • Some groups are small, and only have one aircraft in the family

Solution: Place smaller aircraft in a group, like trick aircraft, airforce, etc-

  • What if you want to switch to another group?

Solution: In my opinion, I think that pilots could. But once they do they lose all the aircraft from the old group/family.

  • Would this mean losing them as a payment? Would they unlock without paying?

Solution: To be fair, I think that whatever you pay for is what you get. Unlocking the aircraft is basically letting you fly it, not actually purchasing it. If you have the aircraft than you can fly it. You wouldn’t lose any payments as well.

  • What if I don’t own a perticular aircraft?

Solution: this could be a big problem, or though it could be fixed by just placing aircraft in subgroups: A318/19/20/21. Or skipping that stage.

Okay so what would this bring to the game?

  • A realistic sense, especially with global flight coming
  • Challenge to the simulator
  • Training program

I hope you like this this, please share your thoughts. Thanks for reading!


decent idea.

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Oh, no! I do not like this idea. People pay for planes. If this was a server, people would not go to it. Why should I have to fly like 72 hours just to fly a Boeing 747-8i?

Yes, I know you don’t have to fly the server, but, really, it would just be empty.


Im my opnion no if you have live regular i have live plus so dont worry bout me but if you paymfor certain planes then you have to work to get them again plus how would it work if someone does not have the plane they unlocked bought do they get it fir free

I addressed it in the problems section of the post.

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This is a sort of career mode if you think about it. Fresh new pilot starting off in a 717 and working yourself up from the 717 to the 737/-757/-767/-777/- and finally the 747/. And I don’t think people would want a “career” mode in IF


Agreed. IMHO, it would make Infinite Flight sort of a “game”.

Well that’s why it would be on a separate server, so that it’s optional and only the career restrictions apply on the special server. All other servers are as usual IF. Just my thought:)

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But it real life piloting. In a simple form ;)

Correct me on it, pilots work there way up.

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I understand, but I don’t think there would be enough support to make it worthwhile for the Devs to implement


Yeah, but the point is, how many people would actually use the server?

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They do, but that’s not what I’m trying to say, it would turn IF from a simulator into a sort of game.

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I personally like this concept in a nut shell. I like anything that adds realism, and this fits my critique. As @Robertdiaz123 said though, the devs finding the time and support to do this is hard to vision.

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People join IF everyday I think it would have some popularity. All servers have there down time. You do have a point though, and I appreciate it.

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I could imagine this in the future :)

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I like the idea of having to train and gain hours to fly larger, more complex aircraft. Gives some added motivation to fly. (What I’m really saying is I want Career mode lol)

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I like the idea of using XP to unlock certain aircraft on a live setting, though think it should be across the servers not a limited one. Naturally in solo mode people be able to fly anything they have bought! In the early versions of IF, when you buy the aircraft there was an XP requirement, all set at zero, so the DEVs have been thinking along those lines anyway.

Rather than working your way up a manufacturer, I would suggest that set XP corresponds to a group of aircraft.

Ie - Frist group GA aircraft
Second group Regional Turbo props and Regional Jets
Third Group Narrow Body ( A320 and B737 family) & Millitery Jets
Fourth group Wide-body ( B767,B777, A330 etc)
Fifth group Super Heavy ie B747 and A380

XP not quite corresponding to current grades but simular. This would help develop skills of new pilots rather than them jumping straight into a A380 and becoming a nimrod because they don’t have the skills or experience to know better.

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Quite stupid… Think of the operating costs it takes to run a server! It’s better to filter that for an event… Really :)

Not exactly. Though a Boeing group would be involved

@NatIsrael972, thats focusing on the down side. Think of what this brings.

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