A new Seattle…?

Seattle International Airport. Home to Alaska Airlines and hubs for many others.

Recently, as in over the past 2-3 years, KSEA has gone through a lot of renovations, and by the end of a 5-year period, it will have totaled in almost $3.3 Billion dollars with about 141 projects completed.

This was due to the Modernize Seattle project. And while most of it is close to being completed or is completed, I want to talk about future plans surrounding or involving KSEA.

Just last summer, SEA finished the addition of a new IAF (International Arrivals Facility) and finished renovating and adding new gates to the N concourse (also known as the North Satellite).

The IAF has added an additional 450,000sq. ft, and the renovated N satellite added several gates with a brand-new Alaska Airlines signature lounge.

The next course of action was the central terminal. The northern side of the central terminal was completed a mere 2-4 months ago and finally opened to the public about 2 months ago. This added more space and restaurants and amazing views of the airfield.

Moving away from the central terminal, SEA has recently invested a near $62 million into renovating the bathrooms in concourses B, C & D.

And as of a couple of months ago, the Port of Seattle announced a C concourse expansion. More can be found here. Concourse “C” at SEA.

Next is the somewhat distant future. Seattle is expanding at alarming rates, with major technological companies setting up camp, many jobs are popping up and airport congestion is only getting worse.

To accommodate the increasing demand of air travel, the Port of Seattle is looking at new potentials. This could mean, building a new airport in the Seattle area, kind of like what is happening in Sydney Australia, or expanding SEA with even more gates and more taxiway space.

According to Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP) | Port of Seattle (portseattle.org), the central Puget sound region is expected to grow by one million by 2035. With these numbers and the greater west side of the cascades continuing to grow, we are in dire need of an expansion or maybe even a new airport to accommodate the command.

According to theurbanist.org, the image below shows the possibility of a future KSEA.

We don’t know what the future holds, but I hope it holds a Seattle Airport extension. Maybe some of us can come up with potential solutions to help accommodate the rising population and demand for air travel.


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