A New Screenshot

Dear @matt,
I have not seen a new Screenshot on my device since the Dash update, Please let me know if it’s just me that doesn’t have a new screenshot. Anyway, I wanted to submit my Screenshot and see if it cuts it for the new screenshot. Thank you,


New welcome screens always comes as a surprise.


Might want to remove the status bar in the settings. Makes it look a lot better.

Unwritten rule: Don’t tag devs or mods.

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Got it! Thanks!

I’ve already asked the developers this before…don’t bother to ask, they may have a screenshot competition in the future.

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If they do, I hope the screenshots can’t be edited. I don’t like editing.

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Try editing it more like mine :)

Me neither.

I have a great screenshot that’s barely edited, I can show you via pm

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I think it would be much better with water quality high, airplane quality very high, aa on etc.

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