A New Screenshot Series | Trailer

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

Welcome to Photos from Patrick! I will be hopefully be making one of these topics per week, and many of then will include miscellaneous shots from here, there and everywhere! Enjoy!

Server: Solo

Time: Dusk

Location: KLAX 25R Approach

So, without further ado, here is the photo trailer!

  1. A United Airlines 737-700 on approach to 25R at KLAX.


So, hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you thought down below!

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@AkinSLR What could I improve?

Its a beautiful shot :) But I think the resolution problem makes it look a lot noisy. Was that intentionally?

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The resolution is not good as said above, the photo is a bit underexposed, the lighting is a bit overly-yellow, and the color blend is off. Suggestions:

  • Make it more exposed
  • Increase graphics for the screenshot
  • add some blue tint
  • remove the noise/grain
  • add some vibrancy and saturation to it, however do not put too much
  • add some contrast, but fix the darkness given from that with exposure

It could use some noise reduction and the resolution could be better, but great photo! Looking forward to more!

Ok. I have my IF on maximum graphics so I am unsure how I could increase resolution? @Butter_Boi @dca.iad.aviation @AkinSLR

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Do you have anti aliasing on or off?

Make sure you use the camera in IF’s replay mode if you’re not already (it’s in the bottom right). If you edit your photos make sure you add some noise reduction and make the side bigger, they’ll make your photo less grainy/blurry while still making it look unedited (if you want a crash course on Adobe Lightroom or Pixlr send me a PM).

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If your IF is on max graphics settings (which means Rendering quality: High, Rendering Resolution: High and Anti aliasing is on) then you probably did it in Postproduction process. What software are you using when editing these pictures?

I uhh use the devices editing. 😂😅

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Just send me a PM if you want to learn how to use Lightroom or Pixlr. You can still use your devices default editor, but the ones I suggested can make it less grainy too.

I haven’t known the default editors on devices to reduce quality drastically unless you crop it a lot.

I would recommend you to use some good Apps like “Snapseed” to edit your pics in order to reduce the noise as well. Also very important, check if your device screen resolution is also at max in your main device settings (Maybe your device is a bit old?)

It is yeah.

Then to get the most of it, set your IF graphics at max and as @Butter_Boi mentioned before make sure to use the screenshot option in the replay mode (You can also set the resolution type there which is 4x that you can choose as the highest res). Do not take a Screenshot externally from your device.

Ok. I think that is what I did wrong. Prepare for some nice shots on Sunday!

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